I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting yesterday, I was meant to go last week but my sleeping pattern has been so messed up. Fortunately today in my lecture in addictive behaviours, three members of AA visited to give a speech and I ended up speaking to them afterwards and made myself go later that day.

I’m having such weird and emotions dreams surrounding a girl who I was at school with, I have no idea why I keep dreaming of her but she’s been in my past three dreams. They’re so impactful that I wake up thinking what happened in my dream happened. I’m increasing thinking of connecting with her on Facebook but I’m not sure.

I’m ahead with university coursework, I have finished my essays apart from my dissertation introduction literature, which is only 1500 words due in 15th of December. So I can’t complain with my studies.

My parents visit tomorrow, they’re bringing me cannabis, and weirdly enough I didn’t have to ask them, instead my mum offered to bring me some up, maybe it’s because she would rather I smoked weed than drink which is understandable.

I really don’t know why I’m dreaming about this girl, I wish I knew.1EE31519-0503-465A-A00B-EFD5D4E5C2BF.jpeg

Author: Cascadeblues

A young English, who studies psychology

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