I’m only coming to realisation how serious my cyst is. I have never been a fan of headaches, I’ve often put the question to my friends wether they would have a constant headache for all the money in the world…

Recently my headaches are more frequent, now they happen each day (right now, even after 1g paracetamol it has nothing change.

I can’t do headaches, I really cannot do them… but it seems like they’re only going to get more frequent. 😦

My cat. Florence, my world.

Author: Cascadeblues

A young English, who studies psychology

3 thoughts on “Headaches.”

  1. Florence is a darling! I sympathize with your headache issue. I had migraines 10-15 monthly for years. Had the tests for tumours etc, finally went to a neurologist and chiropractor, I’ve been free for over a year. Headaches can be life altering, debilitating! The days of wrapping belts around my head and tightening it or banging my head on a wall to have a few pain free seconds are over. Sending love and hope. I admire the fact you don’t want to worry your parents, I’m sure you make them very proud ❤️


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