Contrary to my posts…

Despite anything and everything that I make no bones about, I am generally doing the best I have in a while. I haven’t drank in a while (I don’t keep count), and I have a bottle of beer in the corner of my room which has been there for all that time! At this stage it feels just symbolic, my mother asked to get rid of it but I told her just that. I return to university in roughly a month, I’m kinda sleeping better, also staying sober completely but the devils lettuce I have give up just yet although it ironically completely contradicts my desire to quit every drug as such.

I have also starting reading a lot more, Jordan Peterson’s newest book is what I currently read which as, if you have read it can understand the profound effect that book has on particularly young men. And I also have starting to play overwatch a lot more. Mentally, successive team work stimulates my brain I guess.

I took this picture a very long while back when I took pictures, my mum always says I should do it more… I haven’t taken pictures in like 5 years, I was a lot different back then. I remember driving back from work racing up the cornfields to take a picture of a bright deep pink sunset. Maybe I will keep posting pictures with my posts from now on.

Author: Cascadeblues

A young English, who studies psychology

2 thoughts on “Contrary to my posts…”

  1. Your photo is hauntingly beautiful. I think it would be great to see a photo you have taken in each post. Hmmm here’s a challenge, make a list of 30 subjects, cut them up and put in a bag. Each day take one out , write about how it applies to your situation currently and take a photo to represent the subject. 🤔😳🤪😁

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