Pineal cyst.

So ever since my seizure led on by excessive drinking at university, I have been having MRI/fMRI/EEG scans on a annual basis. Over time a cyst in the centre of my brain has been growing, and recently has started to bleed within. At the beginning it was a mere 2mm in size, nothing but a bubble of water. Now it’s nearly 6mm in size, and not so easily put aside. With more frequent headaches that I can only describe as sharp “lighting strike” shaped pains going through my head. With another meeting at the neurology department soon (ironically as I prepare to return to university to study cognitive neuroscience), the fate of this thing inside my head will soon be made! I can’t really do much except wait until it grows to the size in which surgery is required (7.5mm).

What to do with all this time, knowing this thing is indeed gradually growing. The worst part is the effect is has in my parents, more worried, more anxious, more pressured.

Author: Cascadeblues

A young English, who studies psychology

4 thoughts on “Pineal cyst.”

  1. Omg!! I can’t even begin to know how you feel right now 😢 as a parent I can imagine the fear your parents are feeling. There is nothing worse than to see your child in pain and you can’t do a damn thing to help them. I would feel anger because of this also. You are in my prayers and thoughts 🙏🏻


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